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I am not going to be posting much new stuff on here...  But I am on Twitter and Instagram!



I'm producing a new show at Nickelodeon called "Sanjay and Craig"
 photo Sanjay.jpg
It premieres May 25th.  It's funny and pretty!
My friend Alex Hirsch is letting me play a creep in his new show "Gravity Falls"...  I can finally embrace my fat southern televangelist roots...
I still don't understand what happened last night...  but I understand that it's going to be on the new Adventure Time DVD.


...every day.
They make you fancy breakfasts and lunches every day, they have rivers running through the campus, and they gave me the rest of the week off.  Just because I worked all weekend.  I think I'm gonna like it here...

Interview with John Lucchetti where I chew on my mustache and ramble like a crazy hobo:…
The Little Prince is one of my favorite books of all time. And starting Monday I get to do the concept art for the movie!
I need to make a reel of favorite Flapjack moments.  And I need to know what everyone's favorite/most memorable moments were.   Anyone have one?  I have to put this together TONIGHT!  Yikes!


PS, Thanks so much for your help guysies!

This is my office while I do development for Black Forest.  Its nice to have an office where you can pee out the windows...

...also, that ladder in front is a trick.  It only goes to a getaway zipline.  The real entrance is around the back and through the tree...
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(my kids)…

...because nobody likes an asshole.
Actually, that's not true.  Assholes are totally like-able.   But not homophobes...
...I had to shave off my beard and hair so I could play K'nuckles


My son Leif will play Flapjack:


And Hoobie is directing:


Its called "FISH OUT OF WATER" and will be on in a few weeks!

...and then, something new!  ADVENTUUUUUURE!!!

FLAPJACK and ADVENTURE TIME were nominated for an Emmy!  So was UNCLE GRANDPA!  So was CHOWDER!  Also ROBOT CHICKEN!  And another one that I've never seen before but know a lot of people who work on it!  

Rad!   I should probably watch "Kick Buttowski"...

Emmy Award Pictures, Images and Photos

Prime-Time Outstanding Short-format Animated Program:

Adventure Time
Disney Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil
The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack
Robot Chicken
Uncle Grandpa
…the musical.  On Monday our half hour Flapjack special “All Hands on Deck” is gonna air.  It’s a super good one!  Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse did some amazing music for it, as well as our very own Dan Cantrell.

IT’S LIKE “GLEE”  (except no one is attractive, and we don’t know how to dance) (…or sing)...

…In France.  I actually got a hotel last minute for the Annecy Film Festival.  And I fell asleep for a couple of hours in a real bed.  Then at about 2:00 am I couldn't sleep, 'cause I was jetlagged, so I went for a little walk. When I got back, I was locked out of my hotel.  'Till 7:30.  The code they gave me to get in didn't work!

So I slept in a pile of garbage.  Using cardboard for insulation.  And I had snail breath from dinner.  When they finally opened the door to the hotel this morning, I realized that the code they gave me DID work.  I was just looking at it upside down…

...and will you promise not to murder me?

Flapjack is in the ANNECY FILM FESTIVAL this year, in the french alps.  Woohooo!  Out of the 38 shows in the festival, Flapjack is the only one from the U.S. (I didn't even even know other countries made cartoons)!  I wanna go really bad!!  But for some reason I don't really plan ahead, and missed my chance to book a hotel.  So if you're going, or live there, can I sleep on your couch?  I don't snore...  but I fart a lot.

I was real sick this week.  So I went swimming in the lyme disease capitol of ventura county... on a cold windy day...  with some big-ass water snakes...  while I'm sick.  Because I'm smart.

Nick Weidenfeld (Cartoon Network executive) just forwarded me this email:

"Dear Nick,

I'm the overnight doorman at the Gramercy Park Hotel. We met after you and Mr. Van Orman brawled on the sidewalk for fifteen minutes. In case your memory needs to be jogged, this may help:…



AHAHAHAHHAAAA...  The real sceneraio was a lot more good natured than this, though there was some bloodshed.  I wish there were some scenes with Pen Ward and Curtis Lelash.  And Kristy Karacas and Pete Browngart and JG Quintel...   It was a hoot!  I think we got kicked out of the main hotel...
...and I have scabs all over my face from wrestling on the sidewalk in New York City!  WOOO!